WHY I CARRY: Woman Kidnapped and Raped in Staples Parking Lot in Broad Daylight

June 25 2014
by GSL Staff
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The title of this should really be, Why All Women Should Carry. Most of our crime stories here end with a defensive gun use by a law abiding gun owner, however, sometimes we have to take a look at the other side of crime to remind ourselves we carrying is so important.

In this case, a woman was kidnapped from a Staples parking lot by a registered sex offender and raped.

According to 4029TV,

According to a police report, Sylvester was accused of kidnapping a 54-year-old Van Buren woman from the Staples parking lot in Fort Smith, Tuesday morning. The victim told police Sylvester forced her into a car and sexually assaulted her, while traveling to Mena. The woman said while refueling at a gas station in Ashdown, she ran from the vehicle and told other patrons to call 911.

Later Tuesday afternoon, police said Sylvester was spotted in Ashdown, Arkansas, and following a pursuit, Sylvester was taken into custody. Police said during the chase, Sylvester threw a semi-automatic handgun from the vehicle.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where stories like this happen everyday and they hopefully this will encourage more women to carry firearms daily.

The victim in this case was just doing some shopping in a public area, in broad daylight, in what she thought was a safe area.

Adwin Frank Sylvester, the suspect in the case, was apprehended by police and is currently facing charges of kidnapping, rape, aggravated robbery and being a felon in possession of a firearm. Had the victim in this case been armed the outcome may have been very different.

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