WHY I CARRY: Man Released From Jail Early, Then Stabs His Wife Repeatedly, Despite Restraining Order

October 5 2014
by GSL Staff
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Here is another one of our “Why I Carry” stories. These stories, unlike our defensive gun use stories, take a look at situations that may have turned out very differently if the victim(s) had been armed. These stories are the “other side of the coin” so to speak and serve as an important reminder as to why it’s important to take responsibility for your own personal safety.

Say it with me – A restraining order is just a piece of paper. A restraining order is just a piece of paper. A restraining order or protective order is useless unless backed up with a viable means of self defense (aka a gun).

According to WSMV,

A Bellevue woman said she could see “evil” in her husband’s eyes the night she was brutally and repeatedly stabbed.

Nolan Gant was not supposed to be anywhere near his wife, but that’s exactly where he headed the day he got out of jail.

Bandages cover the knife wounds that nearly cost this woman her life.

“This one here was deep,” the woman said.

The woman was the victim of a bloody attack Saturday night. Her husband is the suspect.

Gant took a cab to her house the day he got out of jail. He had served less than half of his sentence.

Compare this case to the case of the woman who recently shot her stalker as he tried to break into her home (she had a restraining order too).

As always, I have to point out that a firearm may or may not have helped prevent or stop this crime. However, I prefer to have options whenever possible over simply begging for my life.

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