[Video] WHY I CARRY: Suspect Brutally Beats Pregnant Clerk During Robbery

June 21 2014
by GSL Staff
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Many of the crime stories we document here result in a defensive gun use by a law abiding gun owner, but sometimes we have to look at other crime to remind ourselves why it’s so important to protect ourselves and our families.

In this case, we have surveillance video from a cell phone store in Florida.

The video shows the suspect enter the store, mill around for a few moments and then brutally punch the pregnant clerk in the face before taking money out of the register.

Now, a gun would obviously not have helped the woman as she was sucker punched, but she certainly could have drawn it before the suspect got around the counter and been ready.

Under Florida law she would be more than justified in using deadly force in this case.

According to WEARTV, the video led to the capture of the suspect,

Vincent Lavon Johnson, 41, of Pensacola, was taken into custody around 8:15 a.m. today in the 3000 block of North Roosevelt Street. He was charged with felony battery, strong-arm robbery and burglary.

The Pensacola Police Department received several tips identifying Johnson after a video showing the incident was distributed among media for broadcast. The video also was shared multiple times on Facebook, said Capt. David Alexander.

The clerk suffered a broken nose and had to be treated at an area hospital, but is otherwise going to be OK.

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