[Video] Why I Carry: Georgia Man Beheaded, Wife Feared Abducted

May 9 2014
by GSL Staff
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While most of the crime stories I report here are defensive gun uses, sometimes we need to point out crimes that didn’t result in a defensive gun use as a reminder to why we carry.

In this case an elderly man, Russell Dermond, in Georgia was beheaded inside his own home and it is thought that his wife, Shirley Dermond was abducted.

The Dermonds lived on a lake front property and authorities say that it is possible the suspect entered the property from the lake.

Russel Dermond’s head has still not been located.

Based on evidence at the scene, police do not currently believe Shirley Dermond is a suspect and believe she was most likely abducted.

The sheriff has released some statements on the search efforts. According to WSBTV,

“I’m not optimistic given the fact of her husband’s circumstances, holding out hope for the family,” Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills said.

“We still approach this as if she’s been abducted and we pray that she is alive but we don’t know anything about where Ms. Dermond is,” Sills added.

“My detectives are out right now gathering surveillance video from stores he (the suspect) may have gone to or may not have gone to,” Sills said.

The FBI is also now involved in the case that has captured both national and local headlines.

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