We Like Shooting Double Tap 080 – Pendulous and hangy

October 20 2018
by We Like Shooting
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Welcome to We Like Shooting’s Double Tap, Episode 80, Where we answer your questions,  talk about new tech in the gun world, and touch base on gun industry news.


Our cast for tonight is Shawn Herrin, Aaron Krieger, Jeremy Pozderac, Nick Lynch, Savage Af

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#Dear WLS

Derrick S

What size Barrel should i use for 224 Valkyrie build

X wing or A wind just kidding no one cares about Star Wars

Jeremy G

Aaron, are the pitbull puppies still available?

Zachary V

You become head of all military branches and get to pick one rifle and one pistol for all to use. What two do you pick and what calibers?

Seamus F

What do you think of the demonetization of youtube? A certain youtuber had a few videos demonetized one wasnt even a gun review. I believe it was a bag or something. Anyways it isnt like youtube is shutting down videos like they once were. While I get it must be frustrating to content creators having their lively hood effected I see very little effort put in to get sponsors by most of them. I know some of then dont want to do this because it could effect their reviews. Anyways just wanted to hear your thoughts. If youtube chooses not to pay I think that is lame but at the same time it also makes sense. They built the sight and the audience is there. They dont really have to pay content creators anymore. Also it isnt just gun reviewers either. Ive seen life style blogs be effected by this. I just think youtube is blaming it on on what they consider savory content rather than just owning up to that they dont want to pay people anymore. Looking forward to your thoughts.

Jamison N

Your life depends on this. An isis insurgent has a century AK to your head and he needs to feel something and these are the only 2 acts that would get him off. Would you rather: share a surge with Taint M or share a vape with Aaron?

Mike H

This question is for Shawn.

Hi Shawn. Love the show. I have a question about your opinion on Gun Owners of America. A few episodes ago, you encouraged listeners to join a pro-2A group, including the Second Amendment Foundation and the NRA. But you then expressed disapproval of Gun Owners of America. I was wondering why you would encourage people to join the NRA over GOA, given the NRA’s poor 2A record (bump stocks, red flag laws, the AWB, the 80s machine gun ban, etc).

Thanks for your input; you’re the only one holding the show together (Savage is busy with horticulture, Jeremy is busy with Grinder, Nick is busy shitting, and Aaron is busy losing his feet).

Wilson S

I’m getting ready to buy a ruger American predator for long range target shooting, Whitetail, and Hog. I’m trying to decide between 6.5 creedmore or .308 Winchester. I know a lot of people would say 6.5 creedmore is better for target shooting but what about for hunting? Because of the part of Texas I’m in, shots while hunting could range from 0-500 yards. Also looking for optic suggestions. Trying to keep the whole package around $1000. Thanks and gig ‘em.

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Will technology save the human race or destroy it?


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