We Like Shooting 194 – Gremlins

April 29 2017
by We Like Shooting
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Welcome to the We Like Shooting show, Episode 194 – tonight we’ll talk about HK, NRA Board of Directors, X-Tech, Springfield Armory, TorkMag, FedEx Guy and more!

Our Guest is Matt Uhrin from The fed ex guy

Served it the army for 8 yrs as a combat engineer deployed to afghanistan been working for fedex off and on for 5 years

You can find more about Matt Uhrin here


Our cast for episode 194 is Shawn Herrin, Aaron Krieger, Savage1r, Jeremy Pozderac, Nick Lynch!

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Going Ballistic with Savage1r

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Savage1r goes over the news of the day relating to guns, rights and more!

  • Breaking News! ATF reverses it’s position on shouldering SB Tactical arm braces.
  • In other news where the results of a study don’t match the title of a news article, The Trace (a bloomberg funded anti-gun mouthpiece reports on an unlinked study done by Bloomberg funded researchers. The title of the article says ‘A Majority of Americans Oppose Carrying Guns in Public, whereas if you read the article, the study stipulates that a majority of Americans oppose carrying guns in specific places such as restaurants, schools, college campuses, bars, government buildings, sports stadiums, retail stores, service settings and places of worship. This isn’t representative of all public places at all and a number of respondents approved of carrying in restaurants, retail stores and service settings.
  • In not Washington State news, Tennessee Senate Passes SB921, the Tennessee Hearing Protection Act. “This legislation would repeal current Tennessee statutes prohibiting the possession, manufacture, transport, repair, or sale of firearm silencers.”
  • Anti-gun surgeon general fired and replaced.


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Dolphin Rape Awareness

by Dolphin Rape Is Real on Apr 21, 2017
RATING: ★★★★★
Thank you for bring Dolphin Rape awareness to the masses. It’s real and traumatic. Trust me, I know. I’d also love for you to talk about cats with guns. If you don’t, who will? Please talk to your cats about guns. Also, Jerombé has a purdy mouf.

Episode 192

by Truett49 on Apr 17, 2017
RATING: ★★★★★
Great show. I would have given you more than 5 stars if I could just for Jeremys rant.



by David on Apr 17, 2017
RATING: ★★★★★
So is Jeremy not gay anymore? I mean you guys dont talk about it anymore… I just wanted to make sure so when I see you at NRA I have everything in the right place.


WLS is Awesome

I’ve been listening to you guys for a few months now. You’re hilarious and I look forward to every show, including Double Tap. Continue to keep your shows informative, yet funny. Thanks!

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