Stories That Happened In OK

  • October 19, 2017 | Comments
    WLS 219 – United Stets

    Episode 219 This episode of the We Like Shooting show is brought to you by Second Call Defense, Manticore Arms, DEZ Tactical Arms, the Sonoran Desert Institute, JCAA Ammunition, the Patriot Patch Company and Brownells! Welcome to the We Like Shooting Show, episode 219. Tonight we will talk about Snag mag, sterling 302, Ruger P85, Cash Cannon, Etymotic electronic ear pro, The Hank Strange Situation, Who... Read More »

  • September 26, 2014 | Comments
    Good Guy With a Gun Shoots Stabbing Spree Suspect Multiple Times at OK Factory

    UPDATE 9/26: We are now seeing from new media reports that the good guy with a gun was actually a reserve sheriff's deputy and may have been the owner and/or CEO of the company. Local media reports have said that the suspect in the case had recently converted to Islam, although police are saying that this does not appear to an instance of radical Islamic terrorism at this time. We'll update the facts as the become more... Read More »

  • September 25, 2014 | Comments
    [Video] 11 Year Old Girl Shoots Man Who Attacked and Stabbed Her Mother, Saves Her Life

    Heroes come in all sizes and all ages, as illustrated by this story. An 11 year old girl in Oklahoma has certainly earned that title after her brave actions to defend her mother yesterday. After a violent ex-boyfriend came to Brandy Moreno's home (who she had a protective order against), he attacked and stabbed her. Fortunately, her 11 year old daughter knew just what to do. According to The Oklahoman, Police said... Read More »

  • September 21, 2014 | Comments
    Mom Uses Mossberg She Received For Mother’s Day to Shoot Home Invader & Defend Her Family

    Sometimes the best Mother's Day present is a 12 gauge pump action shotgun. An Oklahoma mother used a 12 gauge shotgun that she said she received as a mother's day gift to shoot and wound a would be home invader. The woman's daughter was also at home, and when she heard someone trying to break in, her maternal instincts kicked in. According to KOCO, “I have a daughter that’s handicapped and she was asleep... Read More »

  • June 06, 2014 | Comments
    Self Defense Roundup for June 6, 2014 – 8 Documented Defensive Gun Uses

    For many defensive gun use stories there is simply not enough information to write a full article, or we get backlogged due to a high number of stories, so we occasionally publish a defensive gun use round-up to cover the stories from the last several days that fall into these categories. We feel it is still important to document these stories in order to keep the total count of documented defensive gun uses more accurate. It... Read More »

  • May 21, 2014 | Comments
    Self Defense Roundup for May 21, 2014 – 7 (THAT’S 7!) Documented Defensive Gun Uses

    This is our new format for documenting most defensive gun uses. For many stories, there is simply not enough information to write a full length article, so we're compiling most of the stories we find into posts that will cover multiple stories. We feel this will make it easier for us to keep up with the stories and easier for you guys to digest them. In today's Self Defense Roundup, we have 1 story from Missouri, 1... Read More »

  • April 28, 2014 | Comments
    [Video] Home Invader Calls Police Himself After Meeting Up With Armed Homeowner

    The most terrifying thing a criminal can face is an armed citizen. In this case, a suspected home invader ended up having to call the cops himself after just such an encounter. A man armed with a large metal pipe assaulted and attempted to enter a Mountain Park, Oklahoma home. Fortunately, the homeowner was armed and was able to open fire on the suspect, who was hit several times. Despite multiple gunshot... Read More »

  • March 20, 2014 | Comments
    [Video] Homeowner Captures Teenage Female Burglar at Gunpoint

    A 16 year old would be burglar is probably realizing her life choices as well relationship choices aren't playing out too well right now. The girl was held at gunpoint by a homeowner after he found her and a male companion trespassing in his garage. The male fled as the homeowner opened fire on him, but the girl stayed right where she was. The homeowner held her until police arrived and arrested her. According... Read More »

  • August 12, 2013 | Comments
    [Video] OK Homeowner Shoots Rifle Wielding Intruder to Protect Family Hiding in Bedroom

    According to media reports, an Oklahoma homeowner was forced to use a firearm to defend himself and his family last week. The suspect, DeAngelo McBee, 18, broke into the Tulsa area home shortly before 5:00am. He was armed with a rifle. McBee was confronted by the homeowner before he could reach the bedroom where the homeowner's wife and children were hiding. During the confrontation, the homeowner fired a single... Read More »

  • July 25, 2013 | Comments
    [Video] Oklahoma Teenager Shoots and Kills Intruder Using 12G Shotgun, Saves His Family

    A 17 year old in Hominy, OK was forced to use a 12 gauge shotgun to defend himself, his home and his family when an intruder, suspected to have been high on drugs, tried to bust through the front door of the family home. According to, a mother, whose identity has not been released, heard someone trying to gain access to her home. Her 10 year old daughter mistakenly opened the front door for the intruder,... Read More »