Stories That Happened In KY

  • March 25, 2013 | Comments
    [Video] KY Resident Fires At, Scares Off Intruder Who Broke Into Home Where 3 Children Were Staying

    It was a scary moment when a man wearing a bandana over his face broke into a KY home that was occupied by three adults and three children. A friend of the homeowner ran to a back bedroom and grabbed a gun. The resident fired a single shot at the intruder who then fled. The suspect was not hit and no one else was injured. Police say the crime appears to be random and there is no connection between the residents... Read More »

  • February 14, 2013 | Comments
    Kentucky Homeowner Shoots At, Scares Off Two Intruders Who Forced Their Way Into Home and Assaulted a Teenager

    A Kentucky homeowner was lucky to be armed when two men forced their way into his home and punched a teenage resident in the face. The men originally knocked on the door and asked for a man named John before forcing their way into the home and assaulting a teenage resident. The homeowner grabbed a gun and fired a shot, which sent the pair of intruders running. It is unknown if the homeowner fired a shot at the... Read More »

  • February 05, 2013 | Comments
    Homeowner in KY Shoots Would be Burglar Using Shotgun

    A homeowner in KY found a man inside his home around 4pm. The homeowner retrieved a shotgun from elsewhere inside the home and fired a shot at the suspect. The suspect was hit once and was transported to an area hospital for treatment. The suspect will be charged with burglary. No charges against the homeowner were mentioned.

  • September 22, 2012 | Comments
    [Video] KY Store Owner Shoots 2 Armed Robbers

    A KY store owner said he has mentally prepared for a robbery for sometime now after armed robberies began increasing over the last 2 years. When two men entered the store, at least one armed with a gun, the owner was ready. Saying he had his gun handy, and realizing what was happening on the security camera, he exited the back office and began firing at the 2 suspects. At least one of the suspects can be seen holding... Read More »

  • September 09, 2012 | Comments
    Lexington, KY Homeowner Shoots At, Scares Off Daytime Intruder

    A homeowner in Lexington, KY surprised an intruder who was trying to enter his home around 4pm. The homeowner fired several shots at the suspected burglar, and it is not believed the intruder was hit. The intruder fled the scene once the shooting started. The intruder is described as an older man with a scruffy beard, wearing a white T-shirt and jeans.

  • September 04, 2012 | Comments
    92 Year Old WW2 Vet in Kentucky Shoots and Kills 1 of 3 Burglars Using a .22 Rifle

    According to, Earl Jones, 92, of Verona, KY has been the victim of 3 recent break-ins at his home. However, around 2am on September 3, Jones was ready when he heard someone breaking into his basement. Jones grabbed his .22 caliber rifle and waited in front of the basement door. When the door opened, Jones fired a single shot. Jones then got in touch with authorities, however when they arrived on the scene,... Read More »

  • August 13, 2012 | Comments
    KY Homeowner Shoots Would Be Home Invader

    A homeowner in KY heard someone trying to force their way into his backdoor late Sunday evening. The homeowner armed himself and then went to the backdoor where the would be intruder was forcing his way into the home. Once the intruder got into the home, he tried to reach for the gun the homeowner was carrying. At this point the homeowner became fearful for his life and shot the intruder. When police arrived they had... Read More »

  • June 28, 2012 | Comments
    KY Homeowner Shoots 1 of 3 Teenage Home Invaders

    A KY homeowner heard strange noises while he was in the shower. When he went to investigate he saw three people trying to break into the home. The homeowner retrieved a gun and fired shots at the men, who fled. One of the would be robbers was hit and was found nearby with a non life threatening gunshot wound. The other 2 teens remain at large. Neighbors who were interviewed approve of the homeowner's actions. Police confirmed... Read More »

  • June 17, 2012 | Comments
    [Video] Homeowner in Kentucky Shoots 1 of 3 Would Be Home Invaders

    Three juvenile suspects tried to break into an occupied home in the middle of the day. Fortunately the homeowner was armed. The homeowner fired shots at the intruders as they tried to enter the home. One of the suspects was hit and was found by police nearby after all three suspects fled. The suspect who was shot is in the hospital with non life threatening injuries. The other 2 remaining suspects are believed to be juveniles... Read More »

  • April 28, 2012 | Comments
    KY Homeowner Shoots Daytime Intruder Who Tried To Enter His Home Through a Window

    A KY homeowner heard a loud crash and discovered a young man trying to enter his home through a broken window. The homeowner, who had armed himself, fired a single shot at the intruder before he could get all the way in the house, striking him in the arm. When police arrived they apprehended the suspect who was then treated an area hospital.