Stories That Happened In IL

  • February 05, 2014 | Comments
    Man on Crutches Shoots, Kills 1 of 2 Burglars to Protect Daughter, Is Then Charged With Expired FOID

    Only in Illinois (well maybe California, New York and New Jersey as well) could the victim in a home invasion end up being charged with a crime. However, that is exactly what happened when a Chicago, Illinois man used a firearm to defend himself and his 18 year old daughter. According to The Chicago Tribune, The 44-year-old homeowner was sleeping when his frightened 18-year-old daughter woke him up, then told... Read More »

  • December 12, 2013 | Comments
    Chicago Clerk Shoots, Kills Recently Paroled Armed Robber Who Served 20 Months of 13 Year Sentence

    A Chicago store clerk refused to be a victim yesterday evening. According to a Chicago Tribune article, 25-year-old Demarcus Brandon tried to rob a cell phone shop using a firearm sometime after 6pm yesterday. The clerk, also armed, got into a gunfight with the suspect, which resulted in the suspect being shot and killed. A bystander broke his ankle trying to escape the store. It is unclear if the clerk was injured. Brandon... Read More »

  • November 06, 2013 | Comments
    Chicago Clerk With Real Gun Stops Robber Armed With a Fake One

    A couple of general lessons here, don't bring a fake gun to a gunfight and make sure your defensive firearm is in good working order. According to the Chicago Tribune, a man, identified as Lawrence Bradley, 25, tried to rob a Chicago area electronics store using a fake gun. The robbery was foiled however, when the clerk drew a real gun from a nearby safe and opened fire on the suspect, striking him. The clerk... Read More »

  • September 07, 2013 | Comments
    [Video] Armed Illinois Homeowner Stops String of Burglaries by Opening Fire on Suspects

    Four homes were broken into over a matter of a couple of hours in the Churchill Grove Neighborhood of Rockford, IL before one homeowner stepped up and took action. Police suspect 18-year-old Antrone Cook and 20-year-old Deantonio Davis broke into four homes in the neighborhood stealing electronics and other items during an early morning crime spree on Friday. When they tried to break into a fifth house, a concerned... Read More »

  • June 27, 2013 | Comments
    Illinois Security Guard Shoots Sledgehammer Wielding Jewelry Store Robber

    According to NBC Chicago, a security guard in Oak Brook, IL was forced to use a firearm to defend himself after three men, one of whom was armed with a sledgehammer, broke into a jewelry store. The guard intervened during the robbery, telling the men to stop and drop the large hammer, but the hammer wielding suspect did not comply and actually began advancing towards the guard. That is when the guard shot the suspect... Read More »

  • March 18, 2013 | Comments
    Liquor Store Employee in IL Shoots 1 of 2 Violent Armed Robbers

    A liquor store employee in Rockford, IL grabbed a revolver and opened fire on a pair of would be armed robbers when they entered his store. The pair of suspects had their faces covered and were armed. The suspects returned fire after being shot at by the employee. One of the suspects was shot during the exchange. He is being treated at an area hospital and is in serious condition. The second suspect is still... Read More »

  • February 11, 2013 | Comments
    [Video] Illinois Woman Shoots Violent Home Invader Twice to Save Her Sister From Being Choked

    According to, A woman in Illinois was forced to use a gun to defend herself and her sister when a violent home invader broke into their home. The woman had left the gun, which was a gift, sitting in a drawer for almost 15 years. Fortunately the gun still worked, the ammo was still good, and the woman remembered the shooting lessons she took a decade and a half prior. She shot the suspect twice as... Read More »

  • August 24, 2012 | Comments
    IL Homeowner Shoots 1 of 2 Intruders Using His .357 Magnum

    According to Rockdale Police, an IL homeowner, Gerrod Walker, woke up a little after midnight when he heard his burglar alarm going off. The homeowner determined that someone might be in his garage, armed himself with a flashlight and his .357 magnum revolver and went to investigate. When Walker went to open the garage door he saw two men standing there. He fired a warning shot, but both men kept moving. One of the... Read More »

  • May 04, 2012 | Comments
    Chicago Jewelry Store Owner Shoots Armed Robber

    According to the Chicago Tribue and police, an armed 19 year old man attempted to rob a jewelry store in Chicago. The robber knew the store owner and the owner considered him to be a friend. While the suspect was trying to disable the store's surveillance cameras the shop owner saw his chance and retrieved a .380 caliber handgun he keeps in the store. He shot the suspect once. The suspect is in police custody.

  • March 10, 2012 | Comments
    Rural IL Homeowner First 5 Shots At 2 Home Invaders (Video Interview)

    A homeowner in rural IL fired five shots at 2 men who invaded his home. The homeowner saw the men coming into his home after being alerted by his dog. One of the men was armed with a crowbar. The homeowner retrieved a handgun and over 5 minutes fired shots at and chased off the 2 men, who fled in a blue four door car. It is not believed either of the intruders was shot. The homeowner believes he was targeted because of... Read More »