Stories That Happened In CO

  • October 19, 2017 | Comments
    WLS 219 – United Stets

    Episode 219 This episode of the We Like Shooting show is brought to you by Second Call Defense, Manticore Arms, DEZ Tactical Arms, the Sonoran Desert Institute, JCAA Ammunition, the Patriot Patch Company and Brownells! Welcome to the We Like Shooting Show, episode 219. Tonight we will talk about Snag mag, sterling 302, Ruger P85, Cash Cannon, Etymotic electronic ear pro, The Hank Strange Situation, Who... Read More »

  • January 02, 2015 | Comments
    Craigslist Robber Tries to Pay With Counterfeit Cash and Makes Threats but His Victim Was Armed…

    Earl May Jr. is currently in police custody and will likely be facing a myriad of charges after the man tried to pull a fast one during a Craigslist transaction. May allegedly tried to purchase a laptop from a man on the popular classifieds website using counterfeit money. When the victim confronted May over the fake cash, May told the victim that he had a gun and attempted to make off with the laptop. Unfortunately... Read More »

  • November 04, 2014 | Comments
    [Video] 60+ Year Old Woman Shoots and Kills Home Invader in Colorado

    A woman in Colorado Springs, Colorado had to use deadly force to defend herself from a home invader on Sunday night. A man broke into the woman's rented home. She gave a verbal warning and fired a warning shot. However, the intruder kept coming. That's when the woman took aim and pulled the trigger. After the woman shot the suspect, he fled to a nearby parking lot where he collapsed. Responding police officers found... Read More »

  • June 16, 2014 | Comments
    Self Defense Roundup for June 16, 2014 – 8 Documented Defensive Gun Uses

    For many defensive gun use stories there is simply not enough information to write a full article, or we get backlogged due to a high number of stories, so we occasionally publish a defensive gun use round-up to cover the stories from the last several days that fall into these categories. We feel it is still important to document these stories in order to keep the total count of documented defensive gun uses more accurate. It... Read More »

  • January 16, 2014 | Comments
    Teenager Home Alone Opens Fire on Home Invader Who Cut Power Before Kicking in Door

    Things could have gone very badly for a 14 year old who was home alone in Pueblo, CO. According to media reports, the teen heard someone in the home and armed himself. The 14 year old saw as many as three intruders in the home and opened fire with a handgun. He told police he believes he hit one of the men, who fled once they realized they were facing an armed would be victim. One media report said the home's... Read More »

  • July 22, 2013 | Comments
    Legally Armed Motorcyclist Fights Off, Pulls Gun on Three Armed Robbers

    A motorcyclist in Colorado pulled over on the side of the road just after 6pm to put on some additional clothing. That's when three young men in a Honda Accord pulled up behind him. Two of the men exited the vehicle and demanded money from the motorcyclist. At least one of the suspects was armed with a knife. The motorcyclist, however, refused to comply. He punched the man carrying the knife and then drew a... Read More »

  • July 10, 2013 | Comments
    [Video] Colorado Homeowner Shoots and Kills Career Criminal During Burglary Attempt

    A Colorado resident confronted an intruder who forcibly entered his home on Sunday night. The resident, who was armed, apparently scared off the intruder, who fled. However, after leaving the home, the intruder created another disturbance outside, prompting a second confrontation with the homeowner on the porch of the home. During that confrontation the homeowner shot and killed the intruder. The homeowner was... Read More »

  • April 03, 2013 | Comments
    Intruder Picks Wrong Couple – Breaks Into Home of DA and Police Officer, and Is Shot by Both

    An intruder who forced his way into the mountain home a husband and wife has been shot and killed. The wife is an assistance district attorney and the husband is a sheriff's deputy. It is currently unclear who shot the suspect as both the husband and wife opened fire on the suspect. The incident comes after two district attorneys in Texas and a prison official in CO were gunned down in what is believed to be targeted... Read More »

  • February 17, 2013 | Comments
    [Video] CO Woman Fires Gun to Save Handicapped Dog from Mountain Lion

    A CO woman fired a gun for the first time in her life to save her three legged dog from an attack by a mountain lion. The woman fired a shot at the big cat as it attacked the dog. She doesn't believe she hit the animal, but the gunshot was enough to scare it off. The dog had over 90 puncture wounds on its body, but is going to be fine. [ad]

  • January 08, 2013 | Comments
    Homeowner in CO Shoots 2 of 3 Home Invaders with .357 Magnum

    A homeowner in Colorado successfully fought off 3 would be home invaders. The homeowner said three men burst into his home and that's when he grabbed his .357 revolver that he keeps close at hand. He fired at one suspect, hitting him in the chest. A second suspect managed to grab his arm as he was about to fire again, causing the second suspect to get shot in his leg. At that point the would be robbers fled... Read More »