Stories That Happened In AR

  • October 19, 2017 | Comments
    WLS 219 – United Stets

    Episode 219 This episode of the We Like Shooting show is brought to you by Second Call Defense, Manticore Arms, DEZ Tactical Arms, the Sonoran Desert Institute, JCAA Ammunition, the Patriot Patch Company and Brownells! Welcome to the We Like Shooting Show, episode 219. Tonight we will talk about Snag mag, sterling 302, Ruger P85, Cash Cannon, Etymotic electronic ear pro, The Hank Strange Situation, Who... Read More »

  • April 15, 2015 | Comments
    Concealed Carrier Wins Gunfight Against Armed Robbers [VIDEO]

    An Arkansas man used his firearm to fight off multiple armed robbers this week. According to local media reports: Henry Richards was enjoying a game of pool in his garage when he was caught in the middle of a firefight. "It's a pretty quiet residential neighborhood," said Richards. "I kind of thought about Vietnam for a minute." Conway Police say 34-year-old James Allen was the victim of an attempted armed robbery... Read More »

  • March 07, 2015 | Comments
    [Video]Little Rock Man Shoots Burglar Breaking Into Neighbors Home

    A Little Rock man saw a man breaking into his neighbor's house and feared for her safety.  He grabbed a gun, fearing the wheelchair-bound neighbor was home.  He was able to interrupt the burglary and hold the suspects at gunpoint, but when he felt threatened he did fire a shot, hitting one suspect in the arm. Here is more from Arkansas Matters: LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A man witnessing criminals breaking into his neighbor's... Read More »

  • May 21, 2014 | Comments
    Self Defense Roundup for May 21, 2014 – 7 (THAT’S 7!) Documented Defensive Gun Uses

    This is our new format for documenting most defensive gun uses. For many stories, there is simply not enough information to write a full length article, so we're compiling most of the stories we find into posts that will cover multiple stories. We feel this will make it easier for us to keep up with the stories and easier for you guys to digest them. In today's Self Defense Roundup, we have 1 story from Missouri, 1... Read More »

  • November 25, 2013 | Comments
    [Video] 70 Year Old Woman to Home Invader – “I’ll Blow Your Head OFF!”

    A 70 year old woman in Sebastian County, AR is lucky to be alive after two younger men invaded her home and assaulted her. The woman got into a physical altercation with the men, during which she sustained minor injuries. Fortunately, at one point during the fight, the woman was able to get to her bedroom and grabbed a gun. Just as she grabbed the gun, one of the suspects entered the bedroom as was right on top... Read More »

  • September 17, 2013 | Comments
    AR Homeowner Shoots and Kills Intruder to Protect Wife and Two Preschool Age Children

    One of the most terrifying thoughts for most people is knowing that your young children are in a home with a potentially violent intruder. That's exactly what happened to one family in Arkansas last week. A man identified as William Anthony Wilson, age 27, forced his way through the backdoor of a home in Ashdown, AR around 11pm on September 13. The family which included an adult male, female and two preschool... Read More »

  • September 10, 2013 | Comments
    Machete Wielding Pharmacy Robber Foiled by Clerk With Glock 45

    Don't bring a... machete... to a gunfight. Police in North Little Rock, AR are searching for two suspects in an attempted robbery of a pharmacy last week. The would be robber was armed with a machete. Despite his large blade, the suspect still took off running when the store owner produced a .45 caliber Glock handgun. Police are also looking for a man they think acted as a lookout during the attempted robbery. According... Read More »

  • March 18, 2013 | Comments
    AR Store Owner Shoots Repeat Armed Robber Who Opened Fire During Robbery

    A store owner in AR was forced to use deadly force to defend himself and his family when an armed gunman entered their family owner store, demanded money, and opened fire as he was leaving. The store owner returned fire using his own gun that he keeps stashed at the store. The suspect was struck by one round in the foot. Police were able to apprehend the suspect after a short chase. He was booked into jail... Read More »

  • February 18, 2013 | Comments
    AR Homeowner Shoots 1 of 2 Daytime Burglars

    A homeowner in Arkansas went to his property, which is under construction, on Sunday and found two individuals stealing lumber and other materials from the site. The homeowner and a friend got into a physical altercation with the two intruders. At some point during the fight either the homeowner or his friend drew a firearm. One of the intruders tried to grab the weapon, but was shot before he could do so. The... Read More »

  • May 02, 2012 | Comments
    14 Year Old Trap Shooter Scares Off Two Armed Home Invaders With Shotgun

    A 14 year old boy in Conway, AR grabbed his shotgun when he heard someone break into his home around midnight. When he confronted the armed home invaders they both pointed guns at him, and he did the same to them. After a brief standoff the pair took off running. The boy, while young, is a trained competition trap shooter and was raised around guns. Boy says, "It's pretty scary to be looking death in the face."