Guns Save Lives Defensive Gun Use Tracking is BACK!

January 15 2019
by GSL Staff
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Guns Save Lives is not supported by ads and is ran as an independent project. If you support this project please consider supporting us on Patreon. Registration takes just a moment and even $1 is a massive help in continuing our work. Thank you so much. was created several years ago as an ambitious project to document every use of a firearm in self defense in the United States based on media and police reports. While the project went strong for over two years, we quickly realized that if we didn’t adhere to the standards of advertisers and social media then the site would be a failure. We played this game for a long time, but in the end the lack of advertising revenue to fund the project and push back from social media networks ultimately meant it was a doomed venture. No one wanted to touch us.

Now, thanks to crowdfunding (AND YOU!), the project is getting back underway again and the only people we care about pleasing are the people who care about our research (YOU!)

We have created a page on Patreon which allows us to take direct, monthly financial contributions from our audience to fund our research.

For as little as a $1/month pledge, you can help support the documentation of self defense gun uses again. This is also the best way to get daily updates about self defense uses on a daily basis. Every week day, we will create a custom post for our Patrons that documents that days defensive gun uses.

We have been approved for a Patreon page, on which our audience can choose to support us directly financially. Patreon is a platform which allows creators (such as us) to gain direct access to their audience without worrying about social networks or advertisers. You fund the work we do. Period. We answer to you and no one else.

Defensive gun use tracking will officially start back up on 1/18. We will initially be working on getting current events up on the site and then work on building up the backlog from the last 2 years.

As we gain Patrons we will add resources and features to the database.

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