Zombie Hunting Optics, SMGs and More So Far at the 2012 SHOT Show!

January 17 2012
by GSL Staff
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Our friends from GearExpert.com and Optics Planet are sending us excellent coverage of the 2012 SHOT Show so far. Checkout the report below to learn how you can be better prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse!

Media Day Recap Video


KRISS Super V Vector SMG at SHOT Show

First up, we have the KRISS Super V Vector SMG .45 ACP. You can see Steve taking a few shots with this bad boy in the Media Day Recap Video (above), so you know it looks cool, but what makes this KRISS SMG such an amazing gun? Well, it’s extremely light and easy to control. Anyone who has ever fired an SMG can tell you that the recoil makes it difficult to maintain accuracy while firing off a high number of shots. KRISS innovated a few cool new features to minimize the amount of recoil that hits your shoulder. The KRISS Super V System (KSVS) redistributes the force from recoil downward, so you will feel as much as 60% LESS recoil than with a similar gun at the same caliber. This makes the SMG easier to operate, and your barrel won’t elevate as much, keeping you on target and minimizing the need to constantly reacquire your target. As SMGs are designed for speed and efficiency, this improvement is huge for performance in the field. …

Zombie Hunting & More with EOTech & Leupold

A new Holographic Weapon Sight that was designed for a very specific purpose was revealed: the EOTech XPS2-Z Zombie Stopper Holographic Weapon Sight.  I think we can all agree that having at least one gun sight in your collection to fight zombies is an absolute must, and the Zombie Stopper is pretty cool.  I should have a more complete review of this red dot sight after SHOT Show is over, but for now note that it is very similar to the EOTech EXPS-2, but with a special reticle that looks like a biohazard warning symbol.  No doubt you’ll survive the zombie apocalypse if you have one of these cool red dot sights.

There is another possible option for taking down a zombie horde, which Alessandro just took a picture of today.  It’s the Leupold VX-R Zombie Rifle Scope.  I’ll have a bit more info on it tomorrow, but keep in mind that two of the biggest names in riflescopes have developed glass SPECIFICALLY for zombie hunting.  If that isn’t a confirmation that zombies are coming, then I don’t know what is.

EOTech also showed off the new EOTech G33 Magnifier.  I know I just mentioned the G23 Magnifier that comes with the OPMOD MPO-II, and this is a very similar red dot accessory, but instead of a flip to side mount it features a push to side mount, which may make it more responsive.  We haven’t gotten to play with the G33 yet, so we can’t verify it’s performance, but we love working with EOTech because of the care they put into every new product, so no doubt it has very high quality.

Long Range Accuracy from Trijicon TARS

One final new product I have a bit more info on from SHOT Show Media Day is the Trijicon TARS. TARS stands for Tactical Advanced RifleScope, and it is a fantastic scope for long distance precision shooting. Steve spent some brass with it, and he said the quality of the glass is outstanding. It has 3-15x magnification, an illuminated reticle and the glass is fully multi-coated for maximum light transmission. Trijicon produces tough, high quality optics that have been tested on battlefields around the world and are loved by many shooters, so this new scope will no doubt be hard to keep in stock when it ships later this year.

Media Day at SHOT Show had some really interesting new gear, but this is just a taste of what we’ll have in the coming days. Stay tuned as we bring you more products, news and editorials on the great gear from SHOT Show!

Source: GearExpert.com – © Optics Planet, Inc. Click to View Original

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