New From Olight: S30R Baton Light

January 22 2015
by Sam Cadle
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I have had a working relationship with Olight since last year at SHOT.  I have used one of their lights as my EDC for almost a year now.  The M18 Maverick has been an amazing light, and one that I use literally every day for something.  It has been an amazing workhorse for me, and I truly love the functionality of the light.

Olight has come out with a line of rechargeable baton lights now that are quite amazing, and a great light for people who carry a flashlight.  The light comes with a magnetic charging base, charging cord, spare o-rings and a 3400mAh 18650 battery that will last for approximately 1hr on turbo mode, 2hrs on high, 10hrs on medium, 26hrs on low and 720hrs on moonlight.  The power outputs for those are 1000, 600, 100, 20 and 1 respectively.


One cool feature that the charging base has is a extend feature.  So you can plug this into a charger, and then plug your cell phone cord into the base and charge both at the same time.  One small annoyance is that when there is power to the base, but the light is not charging the indicator light will blink.  This isn’t an issue during the day, but if you have it on your night stand at night and don’t charge the light it will blink red all night.  I plan to remedy this with a small piece of electrical tape. When charging the light is solid red and when the light is fully charged the light will turn green.


All in all this looks like a very solid light.  I did carry it today and used it several times.  I will have to get used to the user interface as it is not the same as the M-series lights.  But it looks simple enough to use.  Look for a full review of this light coming up soon!

The S30R Baton Light is available now from Olight, and retails for $80.  For more information you can check out Olight’s website here:

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