New From Oakley SI: Tombstone

January 20 2015
by Sam Cadle
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Last year Oakley released their Prizm lens, which is a lens designed to help shooters differentiate colors that are meaningful on the range. This year they have redesigned the glasses around the Prism system called Tombstone.  The system features a new design in changeable lenses and does so in a way that minimizes getting finger prints on the lenses when changing them.

The Tombstone system has trigger system that releases the lens easily.  Installing the lens is just as easy, and gives a positive click when the trigger is locked into place.  The locking system is very tight, and does not have any perceptible play in it, but that might change with time and extended wear.  Lens changes are now simple, fast and don’t leave you needing to clean you glasses before you can continue shooting.


The Tombstone kit comes with two Prizm lenses, the TR22 lens for bright sun, TR45 for low light and also includes a clear lens.  It also comes in a large case with a soft bag and cleaning solution.  I do have to say that the case is a bit overboard in terms of size, but it is necessary to hold everything that comes with the kit because of how the lenses are shaped.


The lenses on the Tombstone system are specifically shaped with many of the motions that shooters make.  They have a high top to allow for shooting prone without looking over the top of the glasses.  They also feature a cut away bottom, which keeps the lens off the stock of a rifle, preventing them from being pushed aside.

Having worn the Prizm  for the past year, not just shooting, but as my daily sunglasses I can say that the lens system is quite remarkable.  For shooting it really makes any of the standard target colors stand out against the background.  The one color that really was surprising that stood out was the color of cardboard.  Lowing the background colors allows the eye to see the cardboard targets contrast better.

Wearing the new Tombstone system today over my favored M-frames, I found them to be much lighter and easier to see in my peripheral areas.  They also allowed me to see things above me much easier.

If you want some information from Oakley, you can check out their site here:

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