Asp Expands Line Of Concealable Batons For 2015

January 22 2015
by Sam Cadle
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For those of us in the concealed carry crowd, there are times it is nice to have something as a backup to your pistol.  I will sometimes carry a baton with me. I do not only carry one for self-defense, there is a host of other uses for a batons.  They are a tool just like anything else that you might carry.  I have used a baton to pry things open, poke around places I don’t want to put my hand and they can be used to break out windows in an emergency.

Agent 40 and 50

Agent 40 and 50

Enter two new batons from ASP the Protector 21 and Agent.  The Protector 21 is a small, light weight 21″ friction lock baton that has a small clip that can be used to clip it to a belt, or inside a pocket.  Clipping it inside my pocket today it looked much more like a flashlight than a small baton.  The Agent is the small baton that really shines.  It is smaller in diameter then the Protector and features a push button unlock.  It is light weight, small and can be concealed just about anywhere from a pocket to IWB appendix carry.  Don’t let the small size fool you, the Agent baton hits hard and is very effective as an impact weapon.

Protector 12, 16 and 21

Protector 12, 16 and 21

The Agent baton comes in both 40cm and 50cm, the Protector 21 joins the Protector 12 and Protector 16 that were already on the market.

I look forward to talking with ASP and getting one of these small, concealable baton’s in to test and evaluate.  Look for a review soon, but in the mean time check out the info and the video from ASP.

Armament System and Procedures, one of the leading manufacturers of law enforcement products, continues its tradition of innovation by expanding its line of Concealable Batons with the new Protector 21, Agent 40 and Agent 50. These discreet and lightweight batons are ideal for administrators, plainclothes investigators, undercover officers and every day carry.
The lightweight Agent and Protector Series incorporate a black chrome plated 4130 striking surface. The 7075 T6 aluminum middle shaft and handle are forged to shape and then precision machined.

The Agent Baton features a Disc Loc locking system identical to the Talon Baton. The Agent is expanded by sharply flicking the baton straight up or down. It can also be expanded by pulling the carbon steel overmolded tip. As with all ASP Disc Loc Batons, the Agent is retracted with a simple push of the cap.
The Protector 21 joins the P12 and P16 Friction Loc Baton Series. The Protector Baton is expanded by sharply flicking the baton straight up or down and retracted by striking the tip downward on a hard surface.
The handle of the Agent and Protector Batons contain cross check knurling with spiral micro grooves that result in a smooth, secure grip without causing abrasion.

An ASP Nexus Clip is included with each Agent or Protector Baton. It is removable and can be repositioned every half inch along the length of the handle to enhance concealment or ease of presentation. Batons can be carried tip up or down. The small retracted size makes the baton easily concealable inside a pocket, purse or waistband.

Whatever the activity, the Agent and Protector Batons by ASP are easily carried and rapidly presented. A constant companion for control and defense.

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