Wow. 73 Year Old Man is Shot in Face, but Still Manages to Capture Burglary Suspects at Gunpoint

June 16 2014
by GSL Staff
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It never ceases to amaze me how tough old folks are. In this case, a 73 year old Tennessee man was shot in the face and had his jaw located, but still managed to capture one of two men who burglarized his granddaughter’s home.

Don Grubb knew something wasn’t right when he heard his dog barking outside. Grubb went outside to investigate and noticed a car driving slowly that ultimately parked near his barn.

Grubb went inside and grabbed a shotgun to investigate. Grubb’s wife called law enforcement while he made his way to their barn.

Once he got there he realized that someone was burglarizing his neighbor’s home (who also happens to be his granddaughter). The sequence of events that followed would result in Grubb being shot in the face and two bad guys being in jail.

According to WBIR,

He hid near the barn, waiting for the two men to leave the house. When Clyde Webster and Tyler Trivett came out of the front door, Grubb told the two men to stop and that deputies were on their way, according to a Hamblen County press release.

Webster then fired a round from his shotgun at Grubb, who shot back. A round hit Grubb in the face, fracturing his jaw. The suspects then ran away.

Minutes later, 21-year-old Webster returned to the property to get his car, and Grubb was waiting. The 73-year-old held Webster at gunpoint, forcing him to lay in the middle of the street until deputies arrived.

Shortly after the incident, deputies found 23-year-old Trivett who was hiding under a camper three miles from Grubb’s property.

It was also found that the pair was responsible for another burglary in the area. Mr. Grubb’s current medical condition is unknown.

This is the 39th defensive gun use we’ve documented in the state of Tennessee and the 1,176th defensive gun use we’ve documented overall.

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