[Video] MO Four Deployment Veteran Pulls Gun on Would be Armed Robber

September 4 2013
by GSL Staff
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Seeing as how I’ve never robbed a liquor store before, it’s kind of hard for me to imagine what goes through someone’s head when they do it.

However, you would think that you would at minimum check to make sure the guy behind the counter wasn’t a certified BA.

That’s exactly what happened at a Marionville, MO liquor store, called Beer 30, when an armed man entered and drew his gun, pointing it at the clerk.

What the would be robber didn’t know is that the clerk was a open carrying, four deployment armed forces veteran.

Everything happened pretty quickly when the clerk, Jon Lewis Alexander, 54, pushed the suspect’s gun out of the way and drew his own gun, pointing it right in the mouth of the suspect.

This was more than enough to change the suspect’s mind, who then backed out of the store.

According to news-leader.com,

Dawson said Alexander was hired two months ago — he started on the Fourth of July. He asked her whether she would mind him carrying his gun when he worked.

“From what I have known of Jon, that handgun is kind of a part of him, like my handbag is to me,” she said. Knowing his background, the Dawsons agreed to let him carry the gun on the job.

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