Son Uses Dad’s AR-15 To Defend Home (2010)

July 4 2010
by GSL Staff
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From 2010: A 15 year old TX boy and his 12 year old sister are home alone when two burglars try to break into their home.

That’s when the boy used quick thinking and used his dad’s AR-15 to defend his home, and 12 year old sister from 2 home invaders who had broken into his home.

One suspect was hit multiple times. The boy and his sister were not harmed.

It should be pointed out that due to the ease of use, good accuracy and light recoil of the AR15 platform that even a 15 year old boy was able to successfully wield it with precision and great accuracy even during a period of what could only be an enormous amount of stress.

I wonder if the boy would have had the same luck with a double action, six shot revolver? Or as Joe Biden would advise, a double barreled shotgun.

The middle class suburb had seen several houses burglarized prior to this incident.

Police say the boy was simply defending himself and his sister, and that he was clearly in fear for his own life as well as his sister’s.

In the video report above unfortunately the reporters call the rifle an ‘assault rifle’. I guess in this case the rifle was used to justifiably assault the home invaders.

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