[Video] Tennessee Woman Shoots At Intruder Using Hammer To Knock Down Door

January 9 2015
by Sam Cadle
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A burglar in Tennessee got a surprise when he used a hammer to break down a door.  According to the story the woman was in bed and head the burglars breaking down her bedroom door with a hammer, when they entered she grabbed a handgun and fired a single round, missing both subjects.

The burglars were caught in the woods nearby after one of the suspects called his mother and complained of being cold.

From the local media:

UPDATE: The woman living at the Hunter Road home woke up to the sound of a hammer knocking down her bedroom door. The police report says she grabbed a pistol from her nightstand and as her bedroom door was being knocked down, she fired a single round at her intruders.

One of the suspects let out a loud scream after hearing the gunshot. the bullet missed them both, but it was enough to scare them away.
A neighbor says she panicked this morning after hearing about the break in.

“We have cameras and we have a security system, but if they actually showed up it would be pretty overwhelming,” said Leah Jarrell.

Police found Michael Delaney, 18, and Nicholas Hanks, 21, hiding in the woods nearby.

The police report says Delaney’s mother received a call from him that morning, saying he was “in a field, cold, and stuck next to the big house for sale.” 

They’re charged with aggravated burglary and conspiracy to commit aggravated burglary.
Delaney is also a suspect in the Wallace Smith Elementary break-in back in September, where he was charged with more than 20 counts of burglary and theft of property.
The owner of the Shooter’s Depot says it doesn’t surprise him that the woman living at the home decided to shoot back.
He’s been seeing more and more females looking for ways to protect themselves.

“Women are no longer willing to be second-class citizens when it comes to defending themselves,” said John Martin, “They are more proactive today, more so than I have ever in my entire life seen it.”
Martin says women make up 25 percent of firearm sales at the store.
And if faced with the same situation. Jarrell hopes she would defend herself in the same way as her neighbor.

“If I felt like I needed to defend my house, my husband, my kids,” said Jarrell, “Or he needed to defend me, sure we would be willing to do that.”

Deputies found the two suspects hiding in the woods about four hours later, around 6:30 in the morning. The detective says it was about 30 degrees outside during their search and he says both suspects refused to talk to him.

Delaney is at the Hamilton County Jail and they are scheduled to be in court on Jan. 12.

Both subjects have been charged with burglary and conspiracy to commit aggravated burglary.

This incident is the one of the most common types of defensive gun uses. That is, one in which no one was killed. Despite this being one of the most common types of defensive gun uses, these incidents are often not included in statistics about defensive gun uses. Many of these statistics and studies focus solely on justifiable homicides, which represent only a fraction of total defensive gun uses.

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