[Video] Teenager Uses .22 Rifle to Kill 6-Foot Rattlesnake That Bit Three Dogs

May 23 2014
by GSL Staff
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Incident at a Glance
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# of Suspects: Unknown Shots Fired:
Suspect Killed: State:
Source: wftv.com Archive: WebCite.org

A 16 year old teenager used a .22 caliber rifle to shoot and kill a rattlesnake that was greater than 6 feet in length.

Before the teen could grab the rifle, the snake bit three American Bulldogs who tried to protect his mother from the snake.

One of the dogs died of his injuries and the other two are recovering at an area veterinary clinic. The two dogs have each received a vial of antivenin, which can cost up $800 per dose. They continue to fight for their lives.

Without the firearm, it is likely that the snake would have been able to kill all three dogs and injure the teen’s mother.

According to WFTV,

Sappington’s 16-year-old son shot the snake with a .22-caliber rifle but not before his dog, Chubs, was also bitten as he tried to protect the boy’s mother.

“Chubs was the aggressor,” said Sappington. “He always protected everybody. He done what he had to do to protect me.”

“My best friend, my dog. I cared about him a lot,” said Sappington’s son, Phillip.

This is the 106th defensive gun use we’ve documented in the state of Florida and the 1,140th defensive gun use we’ve documented overall.

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