[Video] New York City Defensive Gun Use – Carjacker Killed During Attempted Robbery

June 3 2014
by GSL Staff
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Incident at a Glance
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Source: nydailynews.com Archive: WebCite.org

Sadly, the average citizen on the street in New York City doesn’t have the ability to defend themselves from violent criminals due to draconian gun and self defense laws.

However, defensive gun uses can, and do happen, in the Big Apple.

Case in point, an 18 year old gun wielding car jacker was shot dead by a retired NYPD officer as he sat in his Mercedes in Brooklyn.

According to The NY Daily News,

“I looked at him and I see his hands and see he has a 9-mm pointed at my face,” Bishop recalled. “Then he told me he’s going to blow my brains out… he would shoot me in the face if I didn’t hand him my money. I reached into my pocket and handed him my money and some lottery tickets I had.”

But Ocampo wasn’t happy with the offering, Bishop said.

“He kept saying ‘That’s all the fuck you got? I’m gonna kill you, I’m gonna shoot you,’” the retired patrolman recalled.

“I said ‘Listen this is everything.’ So I started taking everything out of my pocket and throwing it on the ground, hoping he would look down at the ground because I was trying to get some type of advantage and it just didn’t look good.”

That’s when Bishop pulled his 9-mm Glock, his former service weapon, and started shooting.

“I went behind my car for a little coverage then I stepped back to the left and I fired my weapon,” he said. “I don’t know where I hit him, I know I fired four shots.”

Ocampo was hit in the chest and head. He collapsed after trying to run away. His accomplice was captured a short while later.

Ocampo’s mother said her son was a good kid who did volunteer work and just wanted to get out of New York in order to live a better life. He had a previous arrest for distribution of marijuana.

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