[Video] Homeowner’s Son Shoots and Kills Alleged Thief to Save His Father’s Life

January 22 2014
by GSL Staff
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According to media reports, a Van Zandt County, TX homeowner is lucky to be alive following an altercation with an alleged thief.

The homeowner, armed with a rifle, confronted a man who was burglarizing his truck. A confrontation ensued and the suspect fled. The homeowner fired shots at the suspect (it is legal, under certain circumstances in Texas, to fire at a fleeing suspect).

The homeowner then noticed a running pickup truck nearby with no one it which he suspected to belong to the suspect. The homeowner went to investigate the vehicle, but was attacked by the suspect again.

The suspect managed to gain control of the homeowner’s rifle (this is the main reason I prefer handguns for home defense, less for the suspect to grab on to). Fortunately, around this time, the homeowner’s son was woken up by the commotion.

The son managed to also arm himself and shot the suspect dead as he raised the rifle towards his father.

The incident will be reviewed by a grand jury, but based on Texas law and the following comments made by the local sheriff, it sounds like this is a case of self defense.

“We are a nation of laws. Our law protects the law-abiding citizens of our nation,” said Van Zandt County Sheriff Lindsey Ray. “It is unfortunate that a young man had to die this morning in our community because of a bad decision he made to violate the rights of a law-abiding citizen.”

This is the 141st defensive gun use we’ve documented in the state of Texas and the 1054th defensive gun use we’ve documented overall. Texas continues to lead all other states in the number of documented defensive gun uses.

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