[Video] CT Store Owner Shoots and Kills Armed Robber Who Also Robbed His Brother’s Store

August 6 2014
by GSL Staff
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Incident at a Glance
Gun(s) Used: Unknown Location:
# of Suspects: Shots Fired: Unknown
Suspect Killed: State:
Source: nbcconnecticut.com Archive: WebCite.org

Well, this is certainly an odd series of events. Either these two brothers were targeted by an armed robber or fate dealt the suspect a serious dose of immediate karma.

According to NBC News, a suspect tried to rob Congress Mini Market directly before trying to rob Nino’s Mini Market. The stores are owned by two brothers and the two robbery attempts went very differently.

From NBC,

While New Haven police were interviewing the owner of Congress Mini Market at 750 Congress Avenue on Tuesday night after he reported that a man armed with a rifle tried to rob him at around 11:30 p.m., his 26-year-old brother, who owns Nino’s Mini Market at 659 Washington Avenue, called to tell him that a man just tried to rob his store and that he shot him.

Police were dispatched to the second convenience store, where they found a robbery suspect with gunshot wounds in the chest. An ambulance transported the man, who police described as an adult, Hispanic male, to Yale-New Haven hospital, but medical staff pronounced him dead at 12:19 a.m.

Police said that the man killed at Nino’s was the same person suspected of trying to rob Congress Mini Market first.

Talk about insta-karma.

This is only the 5th defensive gun use we’ve documented in the state of Connecticut and the 1,252nd defensive gun use we’ve documented overall.

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