[Video] Concealed Carrier Chases Off Two Violent, Armed Robbers Following Store Robbery

December 19 2013
by GSL Staff
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Incident at a Glance
Gun(s) Used: Location:
# of Suspects: Shots Fired:
Suspect Killed: State:
Source: myfoxtwincities.com Archive: WebCite.org

Two armed men entered a Minneapolis convenience store, walked around the store for a while, and then they made their true intentions known.

The pair of men approached the counter, one of them pulled a gun on the store owner and walked around the back of the counter.

The second suspect jumped right over the counter. One of the suspects began emptying the cash register while the second went through the store owner’s pockets.

That’s when the store owner started fighting back. During a struggle the owner managed to get the men outside of the store, but not before suffering being pistol whipped in the head by one of the suspects.

At this point, the suspects still weren’t through with the robbery and attempted to get back into the store.

That’s when the suspects came into contact with a good guy with a gun.

According to KMSP,

“All I know is the situation that I saw was two individuals who were extremely agitated, very angry, trying to get in the store — and one of them had a firearm,” he said.

Bosser, who once studied law enforcement and has a permit to carry, pulled a gun of his own and sent the two men running.

“I un-holstered my weapon. I kept it close; I kept it at a ready,” he said.

Once the two robbers had fled, Bosser convinced Ahmed the threat was gone and helped administer first aid until police arrived.

This is the second time Bosser has intervened to stop a crime. Several years ago, Bosser saved a man who was being mercilessly beaten. That incident, like this, was stopped without Bosser firing any shots.

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