[Video] 90 Year Old Business Owner Uses Gun to Fight Off Much Younger Robber

January 3 2014
by GSL Staff
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Source: fox45now.com Archive: WebCite.org

Screen Shot 2014-01-03 at 11.45.23 AMDayton, OH – Back in 2010 George Hicks, the owner of a laundromat, was badly beaten and robbed by an unknown assailant while working at his business.

Following that incident, Hicks decided not to be victim anymore. He started carrying a firearm while at work.

The new routine paid off this week when another would be robber tried to target Hicks. A man approached Hicks as he worked and asked for change.

The simple request turned into demands and then into pushing. Not wanting a repeat of a 2010, that’s when Hicks drew his gun and told the suspect he would “blow his ******* brains out”.

This act was more than enough of a deterrent to the suspect, who then fled the business.

Other local business owners support Hick’s decision to carry a gun and how he handled the incident.

Tom Mauro said. Mauro owns the Third Base Drive Thru nearby praised Hicks. Mauro did the exact same thing back in September when he had to protect his business from two masked suspects.

One thing is for certain, more and more homeowners and business owners are refusing to be victims and fighting back against those who attempt to take what is not theirs.

This is another example of a defensive gun use in which no shots were fired and no one was injured. This is the most common type of defensive gun use, however these types of incidents are often not included in statistics and studies about self defense as those often only look at justifiable homicides.

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