Two Home Invaders Shoot Mother and Son, Dad Grabs His Gun and Shoots Them Both

June 18 2014
by GSL Staff
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It must have been a terrifying scene in the Valdosta, GA home. A 56 year old mother and her 15 year old son were home for the night when two men kicked in their front door.

One of the men was wielding a rifle, the other carrying a handgun. They opened fire on the pair, striking the son in the leg and the mother in the arm as she tried to run towards the back of the house.

Hearing the commotion, the father, who was in the back of the house, armed himself and went to investigate. When he got to the front of the house, he opened fire on the home invaders, striking them both and sending them fleeing.

Police were able to capture the two suspects nearby after they called in a fake shooting to try and protect themselves. A third person, who called in the fake shooting, was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

One of the suspects has already been charged with burglary and assault and charges are likely pending for the second suspect as well.

The mother and son are both expected to recover, although the mother’s injuries are described as “more serious”. The father wasn’t harmed during the incident.

The suspects are both also expected to survive, but the extent of their injuries is currently unknown.

This is the 65th defensive gun use we’ve documented in the state of Georgia and the 1,179th defensive gun use we’ve documented overall.

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