Three Thugs Try to Rob Off Duty Officer, All Three Shot, One of Them is Killed

September 28 2013
by GSL Staff
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Three would be armed robbers picked the wrong target in St. Louis, Missouri last week.

The attempted armed robbery of a man out jogging with a female companion ended with 1 of the three suspects dead and the other two recovering from gunshot wounds along with facing murder charges for the death of their friend.

According to St. Louis Today,

According to police, the deputy and his friend stopped jogging near a corner of the Grand Basin at the foot of Art Hill about 11:15 p.m. A young man walked slowly past them. The deputy grew suspicious, police say, and put his gun at his side. As the deputy and the woman turned the corner, three men came toward them and said they were going to rob them. The men were wearing hooded shirts and dark clothing.

Nash, Hunter and Robinson were concealing their faces when Nash pointed a gun at the joggers and Robinson said, “Don’t make me kill you,” according to court documents. Hunter and Robinson hid their hands under their clothes, acting as if they had guns, the documents say.

When the deputy saw the gun, he pulled his, announced he was a police officer and opened fire, officials say. He told investigators that he saw a gun and feared for his life.

All three of the suspects were hit by gunfire. One of the suspects died of multiple gunshot wounds to the torso while the other two suspects were each shot and face non life threatening injuries.

The two surviving suspects will face second degree murder charges in the death of their friend as Missouri law allows participants in crimes in which someone is killed to be charged with murder, even if they didn’t pull the trigger.

For those people who say you should just cooperate with an armed robber maybe these comments from the local sheriff will change your mind,

“If someone is going to rob you and point a gun at you, you can assume they have intent to kill you and take your worldly possessions,” St. Charles County Sheriff Tom Neer said Tuesday.

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