SC Resident Uses Gun to Stop Possible Killing Spree of Recently Released Convict

June 13 2014
by GSL Staff
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Lancaster County, SC – 29 year old Jermaine Grier (pictured) was just released from prison on June 2nd after serving his most recent sentence in prison. According to The State, South Carolina’s Homepage, Grier was no stranger to the criminal justice system,

Grier’s criminal history dates back to 2002 when he was convicted of accessory after the fact to a felony, according to records with the State Law Enforcement Division.

A year later, he was convicted again of the same charge and then sentenced to a year in prison in 2004. He was released on probation in 2006, said Stephanie Givens, state Department of Corrections spokeswoman.

In 2007, Grier again was imprisoned after he violated his probation, Givens said. He had just been released from the Department of Corrections [on June 2nd]

Based on his past, one would think it wouldn’t be hard to be surprised by Grier’s actions this week, but Grier went on a crime spree that dwarfed his prior actions.

According to local media reports by WSOCTV, Grier began making unsettling remarks to family members,

Angela Hood, told Channel 9 Grier is her younger brother. She said he had made some disturbing comments recently.

“He said he wanted to kill himself, or get life in prison,” Angela Hood said. “We told him to quit talking crazy.”

James Hood was Grier’s brother in law, the husband of his sister, Angela. James Hood was also confined to a wheelchair following a recent stroke. The fact that this handicapped man who was Grier’s family apparently meant little to Grier. For reasons unknown to police and the victim’s family, Grier shot and killed James Hood and then fled the scene. We can thank an armed good Samaritan for what happened next. There is no telling how many people Grier would have harmed unchecked.

Grier then went to his female cousin’s home and began assaulting her on a neighbor’s front porch. According to WSOCTV, her neighbor heard the disturbance,

“He was beating her on my front porch and he was trying to shove her head through that glass door,” Lowery said.

Grier then chased her across the street to Lowery’s home where she tried to get help. Deputies said he continued to assault her.

Lowery knew nothing of the homicide, only that a woman was being hurt right at his door.

“I had to help her. I sure would’ve wanted someone to help me,” he said.

He grabbed his 38 revolver and pointed it at Grier’s head, telling him to stop and leave. Grier refused after being told repeatedly.

At that point, Lowery tried to retreat into his home to deescalate the situation after learning Grier was armed. However, Grier followed Lowery into his home. That’s when Lowery opened fire, striking Grier in the stomach.

Apparently being shot subdued Grier (as it normally does) and he waited patiently for authorities on Lowery’s porch.

Grier is currently being treated at an area hospital under police guard according to The State. Lowery will not face any charges in the shooting as he clearly acted in self defense.

It’s entirely possible Grier would have killed his cousin followed by an unknown number of people if he wasn’t stopped by Lowery and his trusty .38 revolver.

This is the 30th defensive gun use we’ve documented in the state of South Carolina and the 1,165th defensive gun use we’ve documented overall.

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