Resident Shoots 2 Home Invaders, Killing 1, as Family Member Begs 911 For Help

October 3 2014
by GSL Staff
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A mother and her 9 month old child hid in a closet, begging a 911 operator to send officers as two home invaders broke into her home.

Fortunately, another person at the home was also armed and was able to open fire on the two suspects.

According to,

Sandra Wilson said 25-year-old Markquis Hall was shot holding a gun as he tried to climb through a window after shooting at the home 90 minutes earlier. Hall was attempting to get inside when a person inside the home, who she would not identify, fired shots to defend Wilson and her family — including a baby, she said.

“Ain’t no telling what he would have done to us up in there. He could have killed us,” Wilson said less than 12 hours after the shooting that left Hall injured and killed 24-year-old Ja’Taven Dukes.

Markquis Hall was shot, but is expected to survive. He is being charged with aggravted burglary.

The other suspect, Ja’Taven Dukes, died of his injuries at the scene.

The person inside the home who fired the shots has not been identified, but there have been no charges filed against any of the home’s residents.

This is the 71st defensive gun use we’ve documented in the state of Ohio and the 1,307th defensive gun use we’ve documented overall.

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