Michigan Homeowner Fights Off Four Intruders With .410 Shotgun

October 2 2013
by GSL Staff
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As we’ve seen from several recent self defense stories, bad guys rarely travel alone. More and more home invasions and burglaries are being carried out by pairs and groups of criminals.

A homeowner in Barry County, Michigan was facing multiple intruders when four suspects broke into his home around 11:30pm late last month.

Fortunately, this homeowner was armed and refused to be a victim.

The homeowner used a .410 shotgun to fight off the intruders. After the homeowner fired a single shot, the men all fled the scene.

All four suspects were arrested shortly thereafter by sheriff’s deputies and one police officer.

The four men confessed to the crime.

None of the suspects were injured by the gunfire.

This is the 35th defensive gun use from the state of Michigan that we’ve documented.

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