Marine in Washington Uses 9mm to Shoot and Kill Car Thief Armed With .45

October 5 2013
by GSL Staff
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It was going to be a normal dog walk for a Washington man, a retired Marine, when his night suddenly took a turn for the worst.

As he went outside to walk his dog, he encountered a man, Blake Moore, trying to steal his truck in his driveway.

The owner of the truck confronted Moore and during the confrontation, the suspected car thief drew a .45 caliber handgun.

That’s when the Marine drew his own 9mm handgun. A gunfight ensued, which resulted in the suspect suffering from multiple gunshot wounds and the owner unharmed.

The owner’s aunt, who was also on the scene, and who he pushed out of the way of the gunfire, attempted CPR on the suspect until emergency responders arrived.

According to KOMO News,

The truck owner’s aunt hailed her nephew, who is a former Marine, as a hero for saving her life as the bullets began flying.

“He shoved me out of the way when the guy was going to shoot at us,” said Kristen Hague. “Looked like (the thief) had a gun and pushed me out of the way and yelled ‘gun!’ and I don’t think if he would have done that, I would be alive… I think he was defending me — I totally see it.”

She said her nephew was definitely justified in fatally wounding the thief.

“My life was in danger; my nephew’s life was in danger, and he did the right thing even though it ended really bad and really sad,” Hague said.

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