Kidnapping Victim’s Family Shoots and Kills Abductor During Amazing Rescue Attempt

November 11 2013
by GSL Staff
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Bethany Arceneaux, age 29, of Duson, LA was kidnapped from a daycare parking lot as she attempted to pick up her child last Wednesday.

Witnesses said the abductor was the father of her child, identified as Scott Thomas. According to family members, Arceneaux had a restraining order against Thomas, but, as we’ve seen in the past, a piece of paper rarely stops murderous intent.

Police found Thomas’s car near a sugar cane field later that evening and began a large search of the area.

After searching Wednesday – Friday morning, and finding nothing, Arceneaux’s family decided to see if they could help. The family located an abandoned house very near to where the search was taking place.

The family converged on the home and when one of them heard a scream, one of Arceneaux’s cousins kicked in the door of the home. Inside they found Arceneaux and Thomas. Thomas began stabbing Arceneaux once the door was kicked in.

Arceneaux’s cousin, who was armed, opened fire on Thomas, hitting, and killing him. The family rushed Arceneaux to an area hospital where she received care for her wounds. She was released from the hospital early this morning.

According to ABC News, no charges are expected against the cousin who shot and killed Thomas,

No charges have been filed against the man who shot Thomas, and it is unlikely that the man will be charged, Judice said.

“In the state of Louisiana, you have a right to protect yourself and others from imminent bodily harm,” he said. “We believe at this point, based on evidence and statements collected, that this guy was acting in defense of Ms. Arceneaux and thus, was within the state law.”

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