Husband Uses Gun to Chase Off Naked Intruder Who Pooped on the Couple’s Floor

June 24 2014
by GSL Staff
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File this one under super weird defensive gun uses (we’ve certainly had a few).

A couple in Idaho awoke on Sunday morning to a naked man walking into their bedroom. The wife started screaming and the husband immediately went into defensive mode, grabbing a firearm.

The husband pointed the firearm at the intruder and ordered him out of the house. At first, the intruder would not listen, but was ultimately led out of the home at gunpoint.

Police arrived shortly thereafter and once the situation was under control the couple realized the damage the intruder had caused to their home, which they had just moved into.

He had flooded the kitchen by leaving a sink sprayer turned on in a drawer. He then defecated in the living room and spread the fecal matter down the walls of the hallway.

The suspect was charged with only 2 misdemeanors and was taken home by police, a fact that has the homeowner’s upset. Charges are expected to be upgraded to a felony due to the amount of damage done to the home.

Police say the suspect was drunk at the time and claims not to remember his actions.

Police will also conduct an internal investigation to determine why the suspect was not arrested at the scene.

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