Gas Station Clerk Pulls Gun on Knife Wielding Armed Robber – Is Then Promptly Fired

October 15 2013
by GSL Staff
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sruvThis story is both a defensive gun use and a bit of an outrage story.

A gas station clerk, Shannon Cothran, in Nashua, NH was working the late shift at the Shell gas station at 301 Main St. in Nashua, NH when a man armed with a knife entered the store in an attempt to rob it.

Refusing to be a victim, Cothran drew a Ruger LCP .380 handgun and pointed it at the would be robber, who promptly fled the store after realizing he brought a knife to a gun fight.

Cothran credits his carrying and drawing the gun with possibly saving his life and certainly saving the store from a robbery.

However, despite the overall positive outcome of the event, Cothran was notified just hours after the event that he was being terminated for violating the company’s weapons policy which prohibits employees from carrying weapons at work.

According to the Nashua Telegraph,

Cothran says he was fired only a few hours later for violating a company policy that forbids store clerks from carrying handguns. Now out of a job, Cothran said he feels the company policy is irresponsible, but with a grandson on the way, he stands by his decision to carry a firearm for protection.

“Honestly, I can find a new job,” Cothran said. “It’s an awful lot harder to find new internal organs.”

Calls and email to the gas station’s owner, Nouria Energy, have gone unreturned Tuesday. Attempts to reach officials at oil-giant Shell have also been unsuccessful.

The suspected armed robber is still being sought by police.

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