Chicago Clerk With Real Gun Stops Robber Armed With a Fake One

November 6 2013
by GSL Staff
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chi-several-shot-on-the-south-and-west-sides-2-002A couple of general lessons here, don’t bring a fake gun to a gunfight and make sure your defensive firearm is in good working order.

According to the Chicago Tribune, a man, identified as Lawrence Bradley, 25, tried to rob a Chicago area electronics store using a fake gun.

The robbery was foiled however, when the clerk drew a real gun from a nearby safe and opened fire on the suspect, striking him.

The clerk was only able to fire 2 shots from the handgun before it jammed. At that point Bradley managed to gain control of the gun and used it to pistol whip the clerk in the face and escape.

Fortunately, the clerk only suffered minor injuries and Bradley was caught later that night when he showed up to an area hospital to receive treatment for gunshot wounds.

The clerk was treated for his his injuries at an area hospital and released. The condition of Bradley is currently unknown.

Since this is Illinois, and more specifically Chicago, we’ll (sadly) keep an eye out for the possibility of the clerk facing charges as well, but nothing to that effect has been reported so far.

Despite its large population, this is only the 16th defensive gun use we’ve documented in the state of Illinois out of over 1,000 stories nationwide.

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