[Video] CA Businessman Shoots and Kills Five Gang Members In Multiple Attacks

January 8 2012
by GSL Staff
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Incident at a Glance
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Los Angeles, CA watchmaker Lance Thomas just wanted to run his watch shop, making a living doing what he loved.

However, California’s violent gangs would insure that Thomas’s life would never be the same again.

During multiple incidents Thomas was forced to defend his life with deadly force. Every time, he managed to come out on top against some of the most dangerous criminals in Los Angeles.

In the video above Thomas gives insight into gun fighting and the mindset required for self defense.

Thomas has insight into defensive gun fighting that almost no one else in the world has. He discusses the specifics of the firearms he used, how he trained, and the mentality required to fight for your life.

Thomas puts an emphasis on training and being mentally prepared. He doesn’t outright say this, but I believe Thomas would agree with the old adage that simply having a gun doesn’t make you armed.

Unfortunately, the incidents have had a greatly negative impact on Thomas’s life and he now lives in virtual seclusion, still fearing retribution for the men he’s killed in self defense.

This video is, in our opinion, a “must watch” for all concealed carriers.

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