60 Year Old Military Vet Captures 2 Burglars Despite Being Stabbed in the Chest

November 27 2013
by GSL Staff
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Source: dailytribune.com Archive: WebCite.org

stock_327Macomb County, Michigan – Is 60 still considered old? If so, this story fits our mantra of “Don’t Mess With Old People.”

A 60 year old homeowner, who is a retired sheriff’s deputy and military reservist who served in Operation Enduring Freedom, noticed that a garage door to his home was ajar when he arrived home around 3pm yesterday,

The homeowner called 911 and went to investigate. He saw two intruders run from the front of this home and around the corner.

The homeowner tried to grab one of the suspects to detain them. That’s when the second suspect pulled a knife and stabbed the homeowner in the chest.

That’s when the homeowner fired a shot from his concealed firearm. The shot missed its target (understandable after being stabbed in the chest), but caused both suspects to flee.

Despite being stabbed in the chest, the homeowner gave chase. He was able to provide location information to 911 operators who dispatched police officers to the area. The suspects were quickly captured.

The homeowner was taken to an area hospital for treatment of a stab wound. His injuries are not considered life threatening.

The suspects are described as being aged 14 and 16. They are being held in a juvenile facility, but according the Daily Tribune, it is expected that both will be charged as adults for attempted murder.

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