[Video] Intruder Shot by GA Mother 5 Times Out of Hospital, Can’t Digest Solid Foods, Going to Jail

February 21 2013
by GSL Staff
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Paul Ali Slater, the alleged intruder shot five times by a mother in GA has been released from the hospital.

Slater allegedly broke into the GA home and broke into an attic crawl space where the mother was hiding with her two children.

The mother then shot Slater five times, who managed to run out of the house, get into his car, crash his car and collapse nearby.

Slater is being held without bond. Authorities say he is walking and talking, but unable to digest solid foods.

He was hit in lungs, liver and stomach at close range. Most are amazed he survived the ordeal.

Slater has a history of prior arrests and was just released from jail in August most recently.

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