Shopkeeper Who Shot and Killed Armed Robber Left Her Gun at Home, but Turned Around to Get It

June 26 2014
by GSL Staff
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We reported the story about the female store clerk who shot and killed an armed robber earlier this week, but after an interview with local media, there is now some new information about the incident.

According to NBC Philadelphia, the business owner and victim, identified as Sharon Doyle, actually forgot to bring her gun with her to work that day, but went back home and got it. That decision may have very well saved her life.

We also learned that the weapon Doyle used was a .38 caliber revolver. Doyle has prior law enforcement experience serving with the Philadelphia Police as well as the Secret Service.

According to the NBC interview,

“I was in a few different areas of law enforcement,” Doyle said. “For family life it really wasn’t working out quite the way I wanted it to and it led me here.”

“I just went into a mode like this is what has to be done,” Doyle said. “One of us is walking out of the door and it’s gonna be me.”

There are a few takeaways we should look at here. Doyle’s comment about who was walking out the door was very much a “refuse to be a victim” mindset, something that is necessary to survive any violent altercation. We also need to point out how important it is to carry everyday. If we knew what days we would face violence we could just carry on those days, but since we don’t have the ability to read the future the best plan is to carry every single day.

We’re glad Sharon Doyle was able to protect herself and hopes that she is able to get back to a normal life as quickly as possible.

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