[Video] TX Gov Rick Perry Owns CT Gov Dan Malloy During Gun Control Debate on CNN

February 24 2014
by GSL Staff
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Rarely do we see state governors debating each other on national television, but that’s exactly what we got to see on CNN’s State of the Union recently.

Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy, a noted anti-gunner and a big reason CT passed such strict gun control laws last year was asked by CNN’s Candy Crowley if he thought gun laws in other states undermined CT’s ability to regulate guns with their strict laws. Malloy said,

I think we have a federal problem in the sense that we are rejecting the idea that we should have tighter controls on who has a gun. Universal background checks would make everyone safer in their states and in mine. It is a starting point. We should not be assigning or allowing folks who have mental health challenges currently to acquire guns.
We should not have a system that allows people who have extensive criminal records to get around –

When Crowley asked the other governor’s present if they agreed with Malloy, Texas Governor Rick Perry was the first to speak up,

Certainly not – the Second Amendment pretty much is a good amendment. And we support it in the state of Texas. The restrictions that you’ve seen states like Connecticut – when you think about the northeast, that was the Silicon Valley, if you will, of gun manufacturing. And you’re seeing those manufacturers leaving the northeast because of the taxation, the regulations, and just the attitude towards manufacturers of weapons.

As a matter of fact, Governor Bentley, was announced on Monday, Remington is moving 2,000 jobs being created there in Huntsville. Governor Haslam in Tennessee welcomed Beretta into his state. We invited Magpool into Texas. So, you’re seeing a shift of these manufacturers out of states that don’t want them there. And I think that is an appropriate move and an appropriate conversation for us to have.

And you’re absolutely right about the Tenth Amendment in the states. I know these governors will make decisions that are best for their citizens. Now, we compete against each other and that’s good.

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