Sadly, Virginia Governor’s Race Will be Seen as a Win for Gun Control

November 6 2013
by GSL Staff
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va_govAs I’m sitting here mostly upset that the residents of my Democrat controlled city voluntarily voted to increase our local sales tax 1% today in order to give more revenue to an incompetent city government who has wasted millions upon millions of dollars over the last few years, I will now turn my attention to the Virginia governor’s race.

Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat, won the Virginia governorship yesterday. Normally, a Democrat winning a governor’s race in a state that is traditionally pro-gun wouldn’t be too much to write home about. It’s happened before in recent times, even in the gun rights mecca that is the deep south.

However, this case is different. At a debate in late October, McAuliffe actually bragged about his NRA “F” rating and voiced his support for additional gun control.

It’s not surprising that McAuliffe has an “F” rating from the NRA. What is surprising is that he bragged about it a week before the election. Normally, since the devastating losses the the Democrats suffered on a national level following the passage of the federal assault weapons ban in 1994 (which expired in 2004), only Democrats in the most liberal states are forthcoming about their gun control stance.

McAuliffe, on the other hand, embraced his anti-gun platform. He bragged about it, and then he won.

In the same way that the recent Colorado recall elections were seen as a national referendum on gun rights after Michael Bloomberg’s money turned out to be a non issue in the campaigns, we have the opposite here.

Bloomberg has long held that Virginia’s pro-gun laws were the source of many guns used in crimes in New York (heaven forbid we blame the criminals in New York). Which is one reason his PAC spent $2.3 million supporting McAuliffe’s bid for governor. You think Bloomberg just did that because he and McAuliffe are super close buds? Nope. He’s going to expect something for his support. That something is gun control.

Fortunately, for gun rights in Virginia, the GOP managed to keep a decent majority in the state legislature. This means that anti-gun bills are likely not going to see the light of day in the immediate future. However, with a vocal anti-gun governor who partially owes his election to one of the most anti-gun activists in the world (Bloomberg) sitting in the governor’s mansion, it also means that Virginia residents can likely kiss any expectation of expanding their Second Amendment rights anytime soon goodbye.

Now some will point to the Libertarian candidate, Sarvis, who pulled about 7% of the vote as the reason McAuliffe won Virginia. However, I personally believe that candidates need to earn their votes and Ken Cuccinelli failed to do so. It’s also debatable how much of the Libertarian vote was pulled from the Republican vote as Libertarians tend to draw both conservative and liberal voters on different issues. For instance, many liberals will vote Libertarian for the party’s stance on marijuana legalization and same sex marriage while many conservatives will vote Libertarian for their stance on gun rights and fiscally conservative government.

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