GOP Governor Candidate Speaks Out Against “Assault Rifles” and “Full Capacity Magazines”

February 21 2014
by GSL Staff
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webI’ve always said don’t just vote party lines if you want to protect your gun rights. There are some moderate Democrats, especially in state legislatures, who have been great friends to the Second Amendment. Likewise, there are Republicans who just about as anti-gun as you can be.

Case in point, California Governor Candidate Neel Kashkari made some disturbing comments about the Second Amendment.

According to SacBee,

“If you’re a single issue voter, and you just want someone to give you a full capacity assault rifle magazine, God bless you, you can go vote for somebody else,” Kashkari told a group of college Republicans at California State University, Sacramento. “I’m not your guy.”

“I do know philosophically that I deeply believe in protecting my own gun rights, and that means protecting your gun rights,” Kashkari said. “But I also believe that, you know, we need to be reasonable about things.”

Kashkari spoke broadly against “layering more gun rules on me, on responsible gun owners,” saying additional restrictions will not prevent gun violence or make people safer. But the former U.S. Treasury Department official said he does not oppose waiting periods or background checks, which he said “didn’t inconvenience me in the slightest” when he has purchased guns.

Keep in mind, this is supposed to be the conservative choice for California governor!

Kashkari has been taking a serious beating on his Twitter account, and to his credit he seems to be responding personally to most of the concerns. Although, I don’t think he’s really helping himself.

I’m really concerned about the future of California, which I fear before was already too far gone. Now that the so called “conservative” ballot options in that state are also becoming anti-gun I simply don’t know how California residents take back their state.

Despite what Kashkari says, in my opinion, and I’m pretty sure the opinion of most gun owners, supporting waiting periods, banning certain types of weapons, and magazine limits mean that you DO NOT support the Second Amendment. Period. It’s that simple.

Image Credit: Neel Kashkari Twitter Account

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