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  • January 20, 2019 | Comments
    “I had to take action” Store Clerk Shoots Knife Wielding Armed Robber [VIDEO]

    A store clerk in Richmond, VA found himself facing down a knife wielding armed robber with his family present in the store. Based on his own comments, he felt the need to act decisively. According to a local media report: On Sunday, Haddad’s wife was working the register, when a knife-wielding robber suddenly stormed in. In the video, which is now evidence, you can see the robber was surprised by Haddad who... Read More »

  • January 16, 2019 | Comments
    90 Year Old Man Uses Revolver to Shoot Intruder

    According to a local media report: HONESDALE, PA — Police say a 90-year-old Honesdale man shot an intruder after the suspect said he was going to enter the man’s home in the middle of the night. Pennsylvania State Police say they were summoned to the home of William Gabriellini on Butternut Flats Rd. after a report that a male had tried to force his way into the home.

  • January 15, 2019 | Comments
    Woman with concealed carry license fatally shoots robber

    According to Fox 5 DC: A 19-year-old man was shot to death Tuesday morning while attempting to rob a woman in the Fernwood neighborhood on the Far South Side. About 5:45 a.m., Laavion Goings approached the woman, 25, in the 500 block of West 103rd Street, displayed a weapon and tried to rob her, according to Chicago police and the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

  • April 16, 2015 | Comments
    [VIDEO] Neighbor Shoots and Kills Teen Who Raped and Robbed His Neighbor

    Three armed men, at least one of them a teenager, broke into an Alabama woman's home, held her at gunpoint, raped her and robbed her. One of the men was brought to instant justice by the woman's neighbor. According to local media reports: The victim told police they ended up at a neighbor's home after she told the attacker her neighbor had her money. Police say the neighbor called 911 when the woman and her attacker... Read More »

  • March 07, 2015 | Comments
    [Video]Little Rock Man Shoots Burglar Breaking Into Neighbors Home

    A Little Rock man saw a man breaking into his neighbor's house and feared for her safety.  He grabbed a gun, fearing the wheelchair-bound neighbor was home.  He was able to interrupt the burglary and hold the suspects at gunpoint, but when he felt threatened he did fire a shot, hitting one suspect in the arm. Here is more from Arkansas Matters: LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A man witnessing criminals breaking into his neighbor's... Read More »

  • February 24, 2015 | Comments
    Catawba County, NC Homeowner Shoots and Kills Intruder

    A Catawba County homeowner used a shotgun to defend his home against two intruders.  Shooting and killing one, while the second is still outstanding.  The homeowner initially heard them break in and grabbed his shotgun and called the police.  When the intruders kicked in a hall door and came towards the homeowner and his wife, the homeowner he fired one shot, striking one of the intruders in the chest, killing him.... Read More »

  • January 15, 2015 | Comments
    Papa John’s Delivery Driver Shoots Would Be Robber

    In a very rare instance, the company that employed the driver is actually standing by the employee.  Despite a company policy against using firearms, the driver is keeping her job and has been reassigned to work in the store while she recovers from the incident. I applaud Papa Johns for doing the right things, hopefully it might lead to a change in their policy prohibiting firearms.  The suspect is being treated... Read More »

  • January 09, 2015 | Comments
    [Video] Tennessee Woman Shoots At Intruder Using Hammer To Knock Down Door

    A burglar in Tennessee got a surprise when he used a hammer to break down a door.  According to the story the woman was in bed and head the burglars breaking down her bedroom door with a hammer, when they entered she grabbed a handgun and fired a single round, missing both subjects. The burglars were caught in the woods nearby after one of the suspects called his mother and complained of being cold. From the local... Read More »

  • January 09, 2015 | Comments
    Santa Fe Homeowner Uses Warning Shot To Dissuade Burglar

    While I am not always an advocate for warning shots, it appears that a homeowner in Santa Fe, NM was able to scare off a burglar by firing a shot into the ground. The subject fled the scene and was caught nearby on the streets and was charged with multiple crimes. According to local media: SANTA FE — Santa Fe police say a homeowner fired a warning shot into the ground to scare off a suspected burglary, leading to... Read More »

  • January 08, 2015 | Comments
    Armed Robber Tries to Rob a Store and is Shot by That Store’s Owner as He Tried to Rob a 2nd Store

    File this one under weird defensive gun uses. An attempted armed robber, who actually ended up being armed only with a toy gun, ended up being shot by one of his potential victims. According to local media reports: Court documents say 31-year-old David Cotner tried robbing the Mart by handing the clerk a note that said, "Give me all the money in the drawer." The clerk allegedly tried to enter the manager's... Read More »