[Video] Ted Cruz Talks Gun Control on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

November 11 2013
by GSL Staff
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Ted Cruz gave a pretty darn good interview with Tonight Show host Jay Leno on Friday night.

Among several issues discussed was, of course, gun control.

Cruz has been an outspoken supporter of Second Amendment rights and an opponent of any new gun control measures.

Leno, once again, of course, brought up the issue of background checks, stating that a crazy person can walk into a gun show and buy half a dozen guns under current laws. Of course, we know that’s not correct. While in many states you can legally buy a gun from a private party without a background check, it’s still illegal for anyone to sell a gun to another private party if you suspect they are ineligible to own that gun. Gun dealers at gun shows conduct background checks just as they do in their brick and mortar stores.

Cruz pointed out that he does support the current background check system and supports harsher penalties for convicted criminals who try to buy guns.

According to Cruz, the current prosecution rate for criminals who try to buy guns is minuscule. If we aren’t prosecuting criminals who try to buy guns illegally now, what good will even more, restrictive background checks do?

Cruz also addressed several other topics including gay marriage, jobs numbers, and the government shutdown.

Based on the tone of the interview, you could tell Leno is no fan of Cruz, challenging him on several issues and being fairly confrontational for a late night television host.

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