[Video] Store Clerk’s Cell Phone Stops Armed Robber’s Bullet, Saves His Life

October 30 2013
by GSL Staff
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This story should have been a defensive gun use, but unfortunately no one working at the Florida gas station was armed at the time of the robbery.

This story also serves as an example that cooperating with a violent criminal is no guarantee of your safety.

Just before 5am, an armed man entered a Florida gas station and demanded the clerks working there open the safe. When the workers were unable to open the safe, the suspect fled.

However, on his way out of the store, the suspect fired a single shot.

When police showed up, one of the clerks began complaining of chest pains. As paramedics checked him out, they discovered that the man’s cell phone, which was in his chest pocket had been hit by a bullet.

The pain the clerk was feeling was from the blunt force trauma of the bullet hitting the phone, but other than that, the clerk was completely fine. The phone – not so much.

The caliber of the bullet that struck the phone is not currently known, but the weapon that fired it is described as being a revolver.

Police are still searching for the suspected armed robber, who could face charges as serious as attempted murder for his parting shot.

Sources: WJLA, WESH

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