[Video] Piers Morgan Schooled by S.E. Cupp and Van Jones On Ownership of Guns by the Blind

September 15 2013
by GSL Staff
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Last week several media outlets ran stories pointing out that in the state of Iowa, legally blind people are eligible to get get carry permits for firearms.

This got anti-gun advocate Piers Morgan worked up in a huge tizzy.

Piers debating numerous conservative commentators on Twitter over the issue during the course of the week. Most of them asking Morgan to provide one example of a legally blind gun owner accidentally shooting someone due to irresponsible gun ownership.

Despite the fact that numerous states allow gun ownership, and some allow carry permits, for the legally blind, he was unable to provide one example of such a story.

Piers ultimately tried to bring up analogies to make his point, arguing well why can’t blind people drive cars or be taxi drivers? As Van Jones pointed out, there is no constitutional right to those activities.

Piers did finally admit one thing in the interview – he wants to see the Constitution changed in order modify the Second Amendment.

Piers points out that the Constitution has been amended multiple times in the past.

You’re completely right Piers, it has.

There is also a formal process in place for passing amendments to the Constitution. If you can get 3/4 of Congress and state legislatures to agree with you to gut the Second Amendment, then go for it. Good luck, but I just don’t quite see that happening right now.

Also, to think that a blind person loses their reasoning and sanity simply because they are blind is ludicrous. A majority of people suffering from vision impairment are well aware of their limitations and work within them.

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