[Video] Parent Complains After Students Permitted to Hold Guns Under Military Supervision at School

November 13 2013
by GSL Staff
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A Rock Hill, SC middle school is facing some controversy over a recent Veteran’s Day event held at the school.

During the event, children were able to interact with active duty military personnel as well as retired veterans.

One of the exhibits that day including military firearms, including what appear to be two M4 style rifles and an M2 machine gun.

According to WCNC, the entire experience was closely monitored and controlled by trained, active duty members of the military and all guns were repeatedly safety checked.

The controversy started after one parent complained after seeing pictures of the event on the school’s blog.

However, the principal of the school is defending her decision to allow the event and says she would do it again.

From WCNC,

“It is kind of hard to teach students about veterans, and the military, and the history of patriotism without there being some weapons involved,” said Campbell.

“Those guns are completely no ammo. They had been checked out by the military themselves, who brought them into our school,” Campbell said.

Based on reports it sounds like only one parent has complained about the event.

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