[Video] 7th Grader Suspended For Having Tiny Gun Keychain

September 30 2013
by GSL Staff
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A seventh grade student in Rhode Island found himself quickly suspended after a classmate removed a keychain shaped like derringer from his book bag.

The keychain in question is just a little larger than a quarter and was purchased from a local arcade using tickets won playing arcade games.

THe boy’s parents are upset, especially since it allegedly wasn’t even their son who was playing with the keychain. According to turnto10.com,

“This boy was the one waving it or showing it to other kids. Not Joseph. Joseph wasn’t doing that so why weren’t both of them reprimanded,” said Bonnie Bonanno, Joseph’s mother…

…The school also informed Joseph’s family that he would not be allowed to attend a class field trip to Salem at the end of the month.

“That’s disgraceful because, OK, being suspended for three days, and this big punishment is enough for him mentally,” Bonanno said.

This incident is just another in a long list of incidents occurring over the last year. The anti-gun hysteria in our school has reached an all time high.

With such anti-gun stances being taken by educational institutions one has to wonder how many members of the next generation will be anti-gun because of what they were taught in school.

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