University Put on Lockdown – Because of Off Duty Cop Wearing a Holster

December 12 2013
by GSL Staff
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holsterI understand the whole abundance of caution point of view – to a certain extent.

However, this might have been a little over the top. American University was locked down and students were ordered to “shelter in place” after reports of a possible gunman on campus yesterday.

What started the hysteria? Someone reported that they saw someone wearing a “suspicious object,” possibly a holster on a university bus.

As it turned out, it was a holster, being worn by an off duty cop who was riding the bus with a female companion who was a student at the school.

According to CNN,

The eyewitness saw a man wearing something suspicious and called authorities. They were both riding a campus bus at the time.

“Someone saw a holster, what they believe was a holster, somebody had on them,” Lt. Jesse Porter said. But it was enough to put the police on full steam.

“Given the culture we are in now” police thought it was better to start with a massive response and scale back if needed, he said.

“In this time and age, people get concerned.”

A holster is enough to trigger a lockdown and a police response nowadays? Sheesh. I believe Students for Concealed Carry, a large pro-carry organization made of students who push for campus carry laws has fairly regular “empty holster” events on college campuses to protest anti-carry laws.

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